About Us

What we do

We specialise in creating personalised jockey figures for the racing enthusiast. All jockeys are hand painted to owners specification with a lacquered brass plaque bearing their details. We aim to respect owners individual colours and will only produce a personalised jockey at the owners request or permission. 

About me

My name is Alison Thorpe, I am no stranger to the racing industry as In the year 2000 after being a racehorse owner for several years I took out a licence to train racehorses from my home in Carmarthen. I loved the challenge of turning horses around from sellers to winners.

In 2012 I retired from racing, however my interest in racing continues to this day. In my spare time I took up the opportunity to attend a course in ceramics at the community centre in which all my work revolved around horses and racing. In clay I found a way in which I could express myself. A little alien to me was the human figure but inspiration from a trip to the '21 Club' in New York led me down the path of creating the modern day lawn jockey.